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Social defense project – puppet designing (final product)

At last, we used two of the icons of Singapore: Sir Stamford Raffles and the Merlion. The designs were sent to professional puppet makers and here’s the product!



Social defense project – puppet designing

In this project, my groupmates and I were tasked to make a video showing the importance of social defense. We have decided to use puppetry in our video.

In the video, there were a few scenes where icons of Singapore appeared and I got down to designing them. I also designed the backdrop but the design was not used due to limited resources.

Birthday Card (:

I designed a birthday card for my friend using the theme ‘Guitar’ since her favourite pass time is playing guitar and being a rock star is where her dream lies. I came up with two designs.

First design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: Here, I was trying to link the guitar strings with the ‘Happy Birthday’ words. It is quite an interesting design, however I found the ‘head’ of the guitar that is half done, hanging in mid-air quite out of place.

Second design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: In my second attempt, I drew a guitar and an amplifier on either side of the picture and linked them using a mess of lines to create the boarder of the card. This idea dawned on me after seeing how the wires linked the electric guitars to amplifiers; but to make the card more interesting, I drew multiple ‘wires’ exiting and entering one and used different colours for the wires such as grey, black and blue.

I like this design because it is simple, just two main objects on the card, and it leaves a lot of space for me to write.

Here is a small peek of the final product.