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My comments and criticism


Coursework (digital component)

And here are my wall paper designs. (click to enlarge, the explanation is written beside the pictures)

Coursework (sketching component)

Basically, the theme of my coursework is ‘A child’s dream world’. I used paper and explored paper architecture to make this world of staircases, like a maze, where the walls of the staircases are printed with pictures of what a child likes. In this structure, there is also a clay figure of a child staring at the pictures in wonderment to give the idea that this child is lost in his own dream world.

Here is the process and development of my coursework. As my coursework is a 3-D figure, most of my exploration was on making the staircase structures and lesser on 2-D works. So I have decided to split the process into sketches and digital.

(click to enlarge, the explanations are written beside the pictures.)