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  1. Posted by andreally on October 5, 2009 at 7:36 am

    Hello Rebecca!

    Your coursework is really unique, and I bet you’re the only person in the entire art cohort working on paper architecture.

    Thumbs up for: good use of colour to convey the whimsy cheery nature of childhood. The ball already looks like a a sphere of fun upon the first glance! However, if there was some organisation (such as gradient) in your position of colours. I also love your white physic-defying staircase to bits. Very interesting and it creates a whimsical childlike world on its own.

    Suggestion: there is intricate detail in your staircase thing inside the ball, and the pretty structure (And your painstaking efforts!) would be easier to appreciate if your structure was about 2 times larger. The small proportions make the prints hard to see as well, unless you intended if to be a mass of childhood tidbits in compressed in the rattan ball.

    Good job friend! Oh and you know I thought your paintings of barney, baby bop and BJ were photographs at first :O mark of a good painter, haha.


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