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Coursework (digital component)

And here are my wall paper designs. (click to enlarge, the explanation is written beside the pictures)


Coursework (sketching component)

Basically, the theme of my coursework is ‘A child’s dream world’. I used paper and explored paper architecture to make this world of staircases, like a maze, where the walls of the staircases are printed with pictures of what a child likes. In this structure, there is also a clay figure of a child staring at the pictures in wonderment to give the idea that this child is lost in his own dream world.

Here is the process and development of my coursework. As my coursework is a 3-D figure, most of my exploration was on making the staircase structures and lesser on 2-D works. So I have decided to split the process into sketches and digital.

(click to enlarge, the explanations are written beside the pictures.)

Social defense project – puppet designing

In this project, my groupmates and I were tasked to make a video showing the importance of social defense. We have decided to use puppetry in our video.

In the video, there were a few scenes where icons of Singapore appeared and I got down to designing them. I also designed the backdrop but the design was not used due to limited resources.

Birthday Card (:

I designed a birthday card for my friend using the theme ‘Guitar’ since her favourite pass time is playing guitar and being a rock star is where her dream lies. I came up with two designs.

First design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: Here, I was trying to link the guitar strings with the ‘Happy Birthday’ words. It is quite an interesting design, however I found the ‘head’ of the guitar that is half done, hanging in mid-air quite out of place.

Second design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: In my second attempt, I drew a guitar and an amplifier on either side of the picture and linked them using a mess of lines to create the boarder of the card. This idea dawned on me after seeing how the wires linked the electric guitars to amplifiers; but to make the card more interesting, I drew multiple ‘wires’ exiting and entering one and used different colours for the wires such as grey, black and blue.

I like this design because it is simple, just two main objects on the card, and it leaves a lot of space for me to write.

Here is a small peek of the final product.


Surrealism painting

After being exposed to works of famous artists about surrealism, such as Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro etc. we are tasked to create our own works on surrealism. To start off with it, we went around the school taking pictures for our work and photoshoped them into a the final draft of what we wanted to paint. After we’re done, we could paint our final by refering to the draft.

Title: Surrealism

Medium: Oil

Size: A3

Reflections: In this piece, I was trying to portray a scenario where different sizes of the same person (none other than my model Ying Yun :D) is contained in one picture.

I really enjoyed using this medium amongst all the mediums I have tried. Unlike other mediums, the oil does not dry up easily and changes can still be made to the painting after one week. This allowed me to paint the shadows and colour transitions (for example, from light brown to dark brown) with ease, when I wanted the transition to be very gradual.

However I think that my work lacked details owing to the large brush I was using. As a result, I could not add small details such as the facial expressions of miniature Ying Yuns. I could have done better with a smaller brush.

Items on the table (random)

Title: items on the table

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3

Reflection: this piece of work was done out of boredom. I just drew the few items on the table with no apparent goal. This is done not with my usual style of shading; i attempted to use lines to draw the shadows and light instead of shading and showing the gradient of light intensity conscientiously. i think this piece is relatively well done, but i still prefer my old style of shading.

Graces logo design (two)

Reflection: I had a second go at logo designing for graces camp. This time, I concentrated more on swans, simplifying its body shape, its wings and linking it to characteristics of a lady. I think that I made improvement in the designing process, where I simplified the swans and picked out the essence of the picture, like the wings. However, I think that my end product was unsatisfactory. I could have linked the words with the logo so that the whole product would look like one logo instead of separate portions.