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Coursework (digital component)

And here are my wall paper designs. (click to enlarge, the explanation is written beside the pictures)


Social defense project – puppet designing

In this project, my groupmates and I were tasked to make a video showing the importance of social defense. We have decided to use puppetry in our video.

In the video, there were a few scenes where icons of Singapore appeared and I got down to designing them. I also designed the backdrop but the design was not used due to limited resources.

Birthday Card (:

I designed a birthday card for my friend using the theme ‘Guitar’ since her favourite pass time is playing guitar and being a rock star is where her dream lies. I came up with two designs.

First design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: Here, I was trying to link the guitar strings with the ‘Happy Birthday’ words. It is quite an interesting design, however I found the ‘head’ of the guitar that is half done, hanging in mid-air quite out of place.

Second design


Medium: Marker, pen

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Reflections: In my second attempt, I drew a guitar and an amplifier on either side of the picture and linked them using a mess of lines to create the boarder of the card. This idea dawned on me after seeing how the wires linked the electric guitars to amplifiers; but to make the card more interesting, I drew multiple ‘wires’ exiting and entering one and used different colours for the wires such as grey, black and blue.

I like this design because it is simple, just two main objects on the card, and it leaves a lot of space for me to write.

Here is a small peek of the final product.


Graces logo design (two)

Reflection: I had a second go at logo designing for graces camp. This time, I concentrated more on swans, simplifying its body shape, its wings and linking it to characteristics of a lady. I think that I made improvement in the designing process, where I simplified the swans and picked out the essence of the picture, like the wings. However, I think that my end product was unsatisfactory. I could have linked the words with the logo so that the whole product would look like one logo instead of separate portions.

Graces logo design

Reflection: I feel that this design is badly done. Designing is about simplifying pictures, picking out the essence of something and making the idea behind the logo clear and understandable. However, I think that I did not start out with the right idea, with the right choice of item to simplify and explore. This was largely due to the vague brain storming process. Also, I think I overdid the simplifying and neglected other negative implications of it. As a result, my end product consisted of girls with no facial features, which projected a sinister feeling. Thus the logo design was a failure.

NYK peace banner

For one of our art lessons, we went to Nanyang Kinder garden to hold some art activites for the children and use the opportunity to make peace banners with the resources we gained. For example, in one of the activities, we made the children form the letters P, E, A, C and E, making it a competition to test which group formed the alphabets in the least time. After which, we took pictures of them. In another activity, we let the children paint their hands and print them on a piece of paper. With these pictures, I came up with my digital flag design.

Peace banner

Title: Peace flag (digital)

Medium: digital (photography, photoshop)

Size: 864pixels x 360pixels

Reflection: In this banner, the main subjects are the children forming the letters and word PEACE. In the background is full of children’s handprints to show that peace has to be achieved by everyone.

I think that my design turned out quite plain and the words “PEACE” is not easy to spot. I tried to outline the alphabets, but it turned out worst as the contrast of solid colours against skin colour looked horrible. At last, I decided that simplicity is the best.