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a day at Chinese Garden

This was taken during a photography workshop with my cca mates. we were free to roam in Chinese Garden for day. these some of my own works, reflecting what i encountered during that period.



a harmless grasshoper minding it’s own business…

P5295199[2}ready for flight!

P5295254morning dew! they are so pretty! i was lying in the grass to take this photo, even thought it made me wet. but it’s worth it (:

P5295262a flower on the ground, but as fresh as ever

P5295266[2]a tall menacing tree…

P5295129[2]I like how the other two bouquets of flowers complement the flower that is in focus, the composition is interesting.

P5295167pollution D:<


a trip to Chinatown during new year’s eve


the significant red colour spells out the start of a new year

a row of ‘cai shen ye’s


i forgot why i took this picture. i think the lines attracted my attention.


silhouette of water droplets from the sky

PICT0060movement of water