Surrealism painting

After being exposed to works of famous artists about surrealism, such as Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro etc. we are tasked to create our own works on surrealism. To start off with it, we went around the school taking pictures for our work and photoshoped them into a the final draft of what we wanted to paint. After we’re done, we could paint our final by refering to the draft.

Title: Surrealism

Medium: Oil

Size: A3

Reflections: In this piece, I was trying to portray a scenario where different sizes of the same person (none other than my model Ying Yun :D) is contained in one picture.

I really enjoyed using this medium amongst all the mediums I have tried. Unlike other mediums, the oil does not dry up easily and changes can still be made to the painting after one week. This allowed me to paint the shadows and colour transitions (for example, from light brown to dark brown) with ease, when I wanted the transition to be very gradual.

However I think that my work lacked details owing to the large brush I was using. As a result, I could not add small details such as the facial expressions of miniature Ying Yuns. I could have done better with a smaller brush.


Coursework (2)

During the art session last week, Mrs Tan gave me really good ideas for my composition. She suggested a dollhouse, like putting different scenarios together in the form of rooms, each box indicating one room. She also gave me the idea of portraying maturity, showing the transition of a girl growing up to be a teenager, where she starts to do ‘not so innocent’ things. So instead of “A girl’s ideal world”, I thought I might just change it to “A girl’s world” or “maturity”, showing what girls do at a certain age, and how this changes as she grows older.

The idea that I have in mind right now is putting a few boxes together, each portraying different scenarios. The box in the middle would stand upright, consisting of a little girl in her small innocent world, probably playing with her soft toys or chewing on some candy. But the other boxes surrounding that box are tilted in all angles and the direction of gravity is all wrong, portraying teenagers doing mature stuff, their ‘little girl’ life turning topsy turvy. 

However, I would be aborting the idea of inculcating MC. Echer’s Relativity, of which I was planning to use; and since my strength does not lie in drawing, I haven’t found an alternate medium to compose my work. Then again, Mrs Tan gave me this idea of paper architecture, where I can build my coursework from paper. Now that the more I explore the theme, I realise that there is so much I am unsure of, but I am determined want to get my direction right before I proceed with my coursework. Feel like I’m stuck in the middle of no where. I think I have to explore the ways of portraying my theme further and confirm my theme before I move on.

Coursework idea (1)

Initially, I wanted the theme of my coursework to be happiness, but I realise that this theme is too broad and I need a more specific topic to work on. So I came up with the theme ‘A girl’s dream world’. I’m sure everyone has a dream world filled with your happiness, dreams, stuff that you like or in other words, an ideal world that you enjoy or love. And I want to do something close to my heart: A GIRL’S dream world. Something that involves my own opinions and experiences too. Hmm. Now that I think of this, maybe I should change it to ‘MY dream world’ which is more specific, instead of making a sweeping statement generalising that ALL the activities in my coursework are things that ALL girls like or enjoy. Afterall, everyone has preferences, just like my uncanny love for doll houses and miniature objects at this age. Yet again, if this turns out too subjective, nobody might understanding my work. the theme would be more prominent if I gathered things that girls generally like.

Now that I’m more or less settled with a theme, I’m thinking of composition. My great source of inspiration is Maurits Cornelis Escher’s (M.C. Escher) work: Relativity.

Relativity by Maurits Cornelis Escher (M.C. Escher)

Relativity by Maurits Cornelis Escher (M.C. Escher)

The irrational idea that gravity exists in all directions within one house is intriguing, just like how unreal yet interesting a dream may seem. What I have in mind now is many girls on different directions of gravity doing the things I enjoy or holding the things I like.

Escher is a graphic artist. During his lifetime, made 448 lithographs, woodcuts and wood engravings and over 2000 drawings and sketches. He is most famous for his ‘so-called’ impossible structures, such as Ascending and Descending.

Ascending and Descending by M.C Escher

Ascending and Descending by M.C Escher

As I was searching around on the internet for mediums to express my theme, I stumbled upon this: Andrew Lipson’s LEGO® Page at This guy managed to complete the relativity structure in using lego:

Relativity lego structure

This is the complete structure he has made. The website also shows the building processes, methodology etc. Not only that, he has also succeeded in building many other structures of famous paintings (not limited to M.C. Escher) and statues using lego. It’s worth a look!

Other than that, I also found a 3-D software figure online here:

In this website, the painting recreated in the form of 3-D structures using a special software, allowing you to examine the figure from different angles.

The last method I found, is photography, an idea I gained from United World’s College art exhibition.

series of photosindividual photos

What I like about these series of photographs is the way each individual photo is being pieced together into one. It gives the dreamy effect just like how a dream comes in bits and pieces that might not match exactly.

Yep, and that’s all for this post.

Items on the table (random)

Title: items on the table

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3

Reflection: this piece of work was done out of boredom. I just drew the few items on the table with no apparent goal. This is done not with my usual style of shading; i attempted to use lines to draw the shadows and light instead of shading and showing the gradient of light intensity conscientiously. i think this piece is relatively well done, but i still prefer my old style of shading.

Graces logo design (two)

Reflection: I had a second go at logo designing for graces camp. This time, I concentrated more on swans, simplifying its body shape, its wings and linking it to characteristics of a lady. I think that I made improvement in the designing process, where I simplified the swans and picked out the essence of the picture, like the wings. However, I think that my end product was unsatisfactory. I could have linked the words with the logo so that the whole product would look like one logo instead of separate portions.

Graces logo design

Reflection: I feel that this design is badly done. Designing is about simplifying pictures, picking out the essence of something and making the idea behind the logo clear and understandable. However, I think that I did not start out with the right idea, with the right choice of item to simplify and explore. This was largely due to the vague brain storming process. Also, I think I overdid the simplifying and neglected other negative implications of it. As a result, my end product consisted of girls with no facial features, which projected a sinister feeling. Thus the logo design was a failure.

a day at Chinese Garden

This was taken during a photography workshop with my cca mates. we were free to roam in Chinese Garden for day. these some of my own works, reflecting what i encountered during that period.



a harmless grasshoper minding it’s own business…

P5295199[2}ready for flight!

P5295254morning dew! they are so pretty! i was lying in the grass to take this photo, even thought it made me wet. but it’s worth it (:

P5295262a flower on the ground, but as fresh as ever

P5295266[2]a tall menacing tree…

P5295129[2]I like how the other two bouquets of flowers complement the flower that is in focus, the composition is interesting.

P5295167pollution D:<